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Baby Christa started life as the most realistic Caspar kit by Christa Gotzen which sold out instantly after being released for pre order. This kit is absolutely beautifully detailed, so realistic and an absolute pleasure to work on.

Limited Edition kit

Precious~Dreams Baby Number~ 782
Date of Rebirth ~ May 2014
Rebirth Weight ~ 5Lb 15oz
Limited Edition ~ 515/650
Rebirth Length ~  19''
Euro Cloth Size ~ 50
UK Cloth Size ~ Newborn

~Sculpted by Christa Gotzen
~Limited SOLD OUT Edition 515/650
~Beautiful super soft vinyl
~3/4 length detailed arms and legs
~Non sexed full front body plate for posing
~Heat Setâ„¢ paints, cured for everlasting skin tones
~Beautiful soft but highly detailed newborn complexion
~Tipped and sealed nail beds
~Amazing Micro painted & rooted eyelashes
~Delicate but ultra realistic eyebrows
~Magnetic hair bows
~Open nose for realism
~Soft Doe suede body
~Filled with glass beads, baby fat & faux fleece
~Limbs weighted with micro glass bead
~Perfectly balanced babe
~Beautiful full Layette

My precious baby Christa has my classic Precious Non-Painted look.

All of the colour you see is contained within the vinyl surface, not painted inside, but painted on the outside in such micro thin layers of Simply Heat Setâ„¢ paint. The technique I use and the sheer speed at which I paint allows the paint to actually soak into the vinyl surface, I only ever cure the paint twice during my painting process, this allows the paint to blend and actually soak into the vinyl, creating an amazing translucency to the finished skin. The paint is not thick and heavy, the vinyl still feels silky smooth, there is no roughness and even though this baby has the palest of skin tones the depth is amazing.

Baby Christa has a multitude of the tiniest details which are really hard to catch on camera. I have taken some close up shots which magnify the detail.  

I will let the photographs explain the rest.....

I have reached into some of the shots so that you have a human skin comparison ...

The hair on my babies is very important. Baby Quinnie~Lee has Micro painted hair. I start by micro painting the hair in single strands mapping out the style that I wanted to achieve. I then painstakingly paint each hair individually until I have a full and realistic style. She has a beautiful swirled crown and tiny down like baby hairs around her hairline and face.

Christa is just so cuddly, when you hold her, she just seems to melt into your arms. She is filled with a combination of glass beads, baby fat and faux fleece; making her the most life like and balanced babe.

One of my favourite parts of the reborning process is making each baby ''feel'' real, I weight my babies so that they have the perfect balance. Her precious little head will need to be supported when you lift her. She has a body plate for posing, this lays over the top of the cloth body for a realistic look.

Baby Quinnie~Lee will bring home...

* Pink Dress
* Pink hooded jacket
* Next Bunny Baby grow
* Cute Disney Eeyor toy
* A coming home blanket
* Little vest
* Huggies Pooh Bear Nappy
* Magnetic bows
* Magnetic Dummy
* Certificate of Authenticity and lots of love are included as standard.

please note: My Dior pink roses bear and patch work quilts are props and are NOT Included in the sale.
I take great care when sending my babies home, she will arrive home gift wrapped ready for her new Mummy.


Much time, love and commitment goes into each baby I create. Please remember Precious Dreams babies are not toys, they are a quality collector dolls intended for display and light handling. This baby DOES have Magnets, if you would like them removed, please feel free to ask, this is possible and will not delay sending baby home to you.

Please place a bid with confidence, I offer a 100% guarantee with all my babies, if he/she arrives and you change your mind, for any reason, simply notify me on the day she/he arrives, return her/him in the condition she/he arrived within 7 days, and I will refund your purchase amount, No questions asked. All postage costs and fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

For those new to Reborns and OOAK's or my Precious~Dreams babies, I am a long standing Artist within the world of Reborn and OOAK Babies, I have been offering my babies for adoption since 2003 being one of the first few Artists in the United Kingdom. I am the Owner of Simply Reborn Limited, where we produce kits, and offer supplies and classes. I also teach live on a regular basis.

I am lucky to have over 20 of my babies displayed in The Panenek Museum in the Czech Republic and they have now dedicated a section solely for my OOAK and Reborn babies. I visited the Museum in 2011 and was overwhelmed by the display of my Precious Buba's.

I have had the honour of judging many Reborn and OOAK competitions over the years, including IDEX, Colliii and DD Awards, and have been featured in many magazine and news paper articles, including having 2 front cover babies for Discover Dolls magazine. I am a member of the following Guilds GERBA, ACOF, La Bella Artisan Guild D.A.D.E, CRIB, PROUD, MAMRH, IIORA, Friendships In Reborning.

Ruth Annette & Helen Jalland are the Founders of GERBA & MAMRH est. 28.04.2004

I have won many Awards over the years including the
Visitors' Choice Award 2011 for the Bohemian Paradise Museum

Thank you for visiting my Precious Baby, if you have any questions please feel free ask.

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