Bad movies, cool candy, swinging comics from the 80's/90's, and fun trading cards mostly from the 50's to the 80's. This is the retro pack.  But it's a global retro pack, in that we also include foreign candy and snacks from around the world.   Each box includes 1 DVD (with 2-3 movies/shows from the 50's to 80's on it), 6 comic books (from the 60's to early 2000's but most are from the 80's), 6 trading cards of various genres (from the 50's to 90's), and 12 snacks (a mix of retro, regional, & novelty candy/snacks). 

Under the banner of retro we also include regional snacks, obscure candy....this pack is really for those looking for something different with a backdrop of nostalgia.  Great for older folks who remember some of this  and great for younger where this is kinda new since they didn't grow up with it.  

Makes a great birthday present too for the hard to shop for.  Make sure you mention it's a birthday present in the notes and we'll include a birthday card.  Hey, remember trading stuff when you were a kid?  Like lunches, marbles, stamps, baby brother's?  Get a box for a friend and the comics and the trading cards.  The candy is pretty much the same in each box but everything else is different, no two people get all the same stuff.  So if you like trading with friends here you go!

This ships immediately and ONLY WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.  Price includes shipping.