American Vintage Pickup Co. Model 1974 Fender® Strat® Replacement Set
"Blackie" EC Tribute Set



True Blackie Tone!!

Expertly wound in America to yield 100% authentic vintage Stratocaster® tone.

Constructed with period accurate materials, our wind pattern  has been finely tuned to deliver the best tone for your Strat®!!

This set is based off the EC Blackie Strat. The history of the beloved Strat is that it was built from "choice" parts. We all know the tone of this incredible guitar. Wound to capture the "spirit" of this guitar, the Model 1974 "Blackie" set delivers this amazing blues tone. Sweet singing solos with melodious high end sparkle and incredible luscious bottom end. Clarity and vibrancy, warmth and dynamics. The quintessential blues set for the "slowhand" aficionado!

Premium Hand Made sets may come with or without a "RW/RP" middle pickup.

The Set:

  • Alnico V magnets
  • Cloth leads
  • Plain Enamel wire
  • Grey Bottom Bobbins 
  • Complete set with mounting hardware and covers
  • Neck Output: 5.5k 
  • Middle Output: 5.7k
  • Bridge Output: 5.7k 
  • Pickup Cover Option: White, Black or Cream
  • Middle Pickup Options: Standard or "RW/RP"


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