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"When I set up Model Enthusiasts in 2004 the idea was to find out
what people with a Mamod engine needed to get the
engine running as it should.
That's still true today and you can see our catalogue here."


"You are fed up with spending too long dribbling water into your boiler and then spilling it everywhere."

This is so simple.  Use this bad boy to suck up a gulp of hot water and just squirt it into the boiler. 
 It takes seconds!

And then suck out excess water after the steam-up.

The metal end piece is the right length to fit in to the boiler to then be fed 
to the bottom when emptying the unwanted water after a steam up.

I can't say it's a life saver but boy, it will extend your life by ten years through reduced stress.
 No more making  mess with water everywhere. 

The curved tube is shaped to allow you to fill and empty without removing your canopy when fitted. Especially helpful for Showmans Engines. 

This means you can easily pop it into the boiler safety valve opening
 and it won't fight to come out again.
 Also you won't melt the PVC tube on a hot boiler when prepping for a second run

Smashing way to go. A brilliant idea. Queen's Award to Industry?