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Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausa „lefery serum“Lefery Hyaluronic Repair Intensive Regenerating Serum 60 ml is a concentrated and intensive regenerating serum for all types of mature skin. The concetrated serum is for the for the face, neck and decollete. The specially developed formula contains a complex range of ingredients that simulate cell growth and regeneration. The active ingredients reduce wrinkles, soften, smooth, firm and nourish the skin. It protects against free radicals and the negative influence of sunlight giving the skin a youthful glowing appearance. Collagen and hyaluronic acid reach the deepest layers of the skin, perfectly filling wrinkles and hydrating the skin. Extract of pearls gives skin a velvety appearance and provides comprehensive skin care. This serum has an anti-wrinkle and moisturizing effect, which lets the skin to naturally become revitalized and nourished.

Lefery Hyaluronic Repair-Concentrated Serum has been developed in order to intensively regenerate the skin of face, neck and decolletage. The serum contains active ingridients that have been carefully selected:
COLLAGEN - stop the outflow of water from cells, thus wonderfully hydrating the skin.
HYALURONIC ACID - one of the most efficient substance that smooth out the wrinkles, gives firmness to the skin and intensively hydrates the skin.
COENZYME Q10 - gives firmness to the skin by stimulating the cellular activity.
PEARL EXTRACT - effectively prevents the outflow of water from the epidermis and, at the same time, it hydrates the skin, helps regenerate it and maintains the skin optimum condition.
VITAMIN A - stimulates the renewal of the skin and repairs it structure, smooths out wrinkles, brings back the elasticity of the skin and illuminates the dark spots. 
VITAMIN E - fights against the changes caused by the aging of the skin and protects the skin against the adverse effects of the environmental factors.
D-PANTHENOL - stimulates the growth and renewal of the epidermis, delays the skin aging process, helps hydrate, regenerate and smooth the skin and gives it softness and velvety finesse.

Directions for use:
On cleansed face, neck and decolletage apply a thin layer of serum every day. Next use the Day or Night Cream from LEFERY HYALURONIC REPAIR line.

Dermatologically tested.

Experts specialising in the ageing of skin have tested this 4-week rejuvenating treatment

Discover this Revolutionary Anti-Ageing Formula that Hollywood is crazy about


Lefery Active Cell Regeneration Anti-Wrinkle Day & Night Cream

Where have your wrinkles gone?
Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day makes your wrinkles practically invisible within just 4 weeks of starting to use it, and even the very first application leaves the skin nourished and visibly smoother.
Hardly anyone knows about it...
but the human eye is incapable of spotting wrinkles. 

What your eye sees is, in fact, a shadow cast by the wrinkles. Which explains why wrinkles become hardly visible when lit by natural light. Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day has been equipped with light-reflective technology. When you use Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day, shadows become indiscernible.

Everybody will spot the difference

Your new smooth, youthful, delicate skin will no be gone as soon as you wash your face. Innovative research conducted by universities and cosmetic laboratories in the USA have confirmed the remarkable action and long-lasting effects of the active ingredients in Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day.

The secret of this anti-ageing formula lies in synergy. They say that you can win a battle on your own, but in order to win a war, you need powerful allies. In the case of Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day, simultaneous action of discrete anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing ingredients guarantees... even better results.

Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day cream 
The completely natural Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day formula contains 6 most effective (and harmless), scientifically tested anti-ageing ingredients. They will rejuvenate your skin, restore its youthful appearance and even completely remove any signs of wrinkles, as well as make the skin firm and make you look 10-15 years younger. From now on, your complexion will always be supple and radiant.