250ml Maximist Gun Cleaner

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250ml Maximist Gun Cleaner

Maxi Clean HVLP Gun Cleaner

100% organic, Sea Kelp based equipment cleaner


Properly cleaning, and maintaining your Professional Spray Tanning Gun is key to a consistent smooth spray application.

Poorly cleaned guns cause blotching, spitting, and uneven spray flow. Spray equipment and parts can be damaged from improper cleaning, or harsh cleaners –  damage which is not covered under equipment warranties.

Our all natural, 100% organic, Sea Kelp based gentle cleaning liquid can be used after every gun use, or in an “as needed basis”.

It can be used as a “spray through” cleaner with an assembled gun, or a “wipe down” product for thoroughly cleaning, needles, caps, tips and all other gun parts. Rinse cleanser from all parts, and dry, before assembly.


Directions: (from product label)

-Remove all excess solution from spray cup

-Fill cup with 2 oz of brush cleaner

-Spray cleaner out of gun, into towel, sink or wash station , until empty

-Fill solution cup with 2 ounces of water, spray rinse water from gun for 30 seconds

After every 10-20 spray sessions, guns should be disassembled and deeply cleaned. These steps include disassembly, gun tip and needle removal. All parts should be thoroughly cleaned , rinsed, and wiped dry. Reassemble, and readjust gun based on manual specifications.