500ml - Prep Spray

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500ml - Prep Spray

Make sure every client’s skin is ready for a perfect outcome

Do your clients show up for a spray tan session unprepared? Are you having complaints of uneven tans or streaking? Do your clients “swear” they are not wearing any deodorant, lotions or makeup?

A bad spray tan is always your fault – never the client’s!

Our Pre Tan Prep Spray will remove oils, makeup, deodorant, dead skin cells, sweat residue and the film left by razors with moisturising strips (streaky legs sound familiar?). This is also a very important step for clients with oily skin. Our Prep Spray helps with solution beading up during spray tanning sessions, and provides optimal penetration of solutions.


Directions: Use immediately before spray tanning session, mist on using any spray equipment or hand held spray bottle and wash cloth. Wipe/Buff off prior to tanning session.
Not designed as a continual replacement for regular exfoliation. It is still recommended clients exfoliate thoroughly prior to tanning and gently exfoliate prior to tanning to remove any dead skin cells and ensure an even fade.

Approx use per client is 30ml.