A fungal infection of the toenail is also known ringworm, and is characterized by a yellow, deformed and thickened nail. The infection is fairly common and primarily affects adolescents and adults. During a medical examination, to diagnose toenail fungus, a physician would likely order a microbial culture to accurately determine the diagnosis. The disorder can be treated topically with antifungal herbs that have been shown to treat symptoms effectively.


You may have nail fungus if one or more of your nails are: Thickened, Whitish to yellow-brown discoloration, Brittle, crumbly or ragged, Distorted in shape, A dark color, caused by debris building up under your nail, Smellling slightly foul, Nail fungus can affect fingernails, but it's more common in toenails.


Fungal nail infections are caused by various fungal organisms (fungi). The most common cause is a type of fungus called dermatophyte. Yeast and molds also can cause nail infections.

Fungal nail infection can develop in people at any age, but it's more common in older adults. As the nail ages, it can become brittle and dry. The resulting cracks in the nails allow fungi to enter. Other factors — such as reduced blood circulation to the feet and a weakened immune system — also may play a role.

Toenail fungal infection can start from athlete's foot (foot fungus), and it can spread from one nail to another. But it is uncommon to get an infection from someone else.

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