Increase in Libido. Increase sexual desire and satisfaction in women. Remedy for sexual dysfunction in women. Increase women interest in sex. Powerful aphrodisiac for females. Balance sex hormones and also improve mood. Arousal is usually much easier to achieve. Increased Fertility.  Delay climax and early orgasm. Increase orgasm count . It can easily last 30 minutes in bed. Gain all mental control you need during intercourse. Better sex. 100% Natural. No side effects.

 Supplement Facts: Valerian 300 mg, Passion Flower 300 mg, Tongkat Ali 500 mg, Maca Root 350 mg, Horny goat Weed 500 mg, Saw Palmetto 50 mg and Proprietary Blend.

 Directions: Take 3 Capsules  daily. One in the morning one in the evening and the last one at night with food or water.


120 CAPS

PRICE: $ 34.99

EXP.: 12/2027