Supporting a child with FOP: a practical guide to their learning journey

Have you ever been told you're "one in a million"?
Well, people with FOP are actually rarer...they're around one in 1.5 million!
Living with an ultra-rare condition, such as FOP, brings challenges most people can never imagine. But it also brings with it a different set of achievements and successes to be celebrated. They say your school days are the greatest days of your life: we hope that this book will help FOP children get the most out of their school days, with the best possible outcomes and happy memories to treasure too.

This book is an essential and informative guide for anyone supporting a child with FOP. It details FOP in a reader-friendly manner, while also providing invaluable advice from teachers, experienced medical professionals, advisers, parents of children with FOP, and people with FOP. It covers advocating for the child, medical considerations, family support and practical tips - from helping parents get started at the very beginning of their child's learning journey to providing useful age-appropriate insights and considerations as the child ages. This book is a truly worthwhile tool that can be used throughout the child's schooling.

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