50ml Spray Tan Booster Drops

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50ml Spray Tan Booster Drops

Spray Tan Intensifying DHA Booster Drops

50% DHA, 50ml bottle

Strongest DHA concentration on the market; largest bottle and lowest price.

Add 10 x drops to 100ml of solution to increase its DHA level by 1%. Compatible with any spray tan solution

50ml bottle most companies only offer 30ml (for a higher price!)
Contains not only DHA and Bronzers, but also rich in moisturisers and skin firming agents. Achieve the perfect shade for your client's skin tone


Comfrey Extract: Used in cell-therapy treatments, face creams and sun care preparations as a healing agent and moisturiser. An anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, it is reported to promote skin cell regeneration.

Wheat Amino Acids: Extracted from the embryo of the wheat kernel. An anti-inflammatory and skin nourishing agent that also acts as a natural preservative because of its high vitamin E content.

White and Green Tea Leaf Extracts: The benefits of green tea to the skin have been widely documented. This powerful antioxidant (20 times stronger than vitamin E) inhibits the formation of cancer-causing free radicals and helps prevent skin cell damage caused by sun exposure and pollution. An important ingredient in sun care products as well as creams, lotions, shampoos and conditioners. An anti-inflammatory and ant irritant, it is high in soothing xanthines. We use only the finest powdered Matcha green tea from Japan.

Panthenol: (Vitamin B-5) An excellent natural skin hydrator.

*supplied in a dropper bottle not pipet style