Symphonium Audio METEOR



The Meteor, simply put - sounds MASSIVE. We created the Meteor to shock you the very first second the music starts playing - extracting the speed, detail and raw energy from your music and delivering it in a fun way that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Bass so physical that you feel air pushed into your ears and basslines vibrating from the thick bass strings. Treble so extended with its cymbals sounding ethereal and textured.          

The Meteor’s “U-shaped” sound signature puts its bass and high treble in the spotlight, yet maintaining a sophisticated balance to form a coherent and exciting experience so that you will spend hours listening in pure fun. All this in a compact form factor well suited for music listeners with smaller ears. 

Give it a go - you will not want to miss this! 


A decade ago, IEMs were designed with a small form-factor in mind, utilising a single-tube design with multiple drivers so that the shell can be shrunk. However, the single- tube limitation meant that treble extension was impossible to achieve; heavily impacting the overall sound quality of those small IEMs. 

As IEMs began to modernise, they saw the use of multiple-tubes to deliver better treble extension. As a result, IEMs became progressively larger and their nozzles expanded at the cost of better sound. Size became a problem for music listeners with small ears. 

The challenge became apparent: we wanted to use a single-tube design AND achieve treble extension. All while keeping the size of the shell small. It would be the industry's first! We had to innovate new technologies to achieve treble extension despite the acoustic challenges of single-bore designs. We had to redefine what single-bore designs could do. 

Product Information:

  • Introducing: PHAT               

    The PHAT system allows us to integrate multiple drivers into a single output, simultaneously solving space constraints and achieving high treble extension. Meteor’s small size and massive sound is a direct result of this new, proprietary acoustic innovation for small in-ear monitors.                         

  • Small Size, MASSIVE Sound

    The PHAT System implemented in the Meteor not only decreases the overall space needed for its components but also drastically improves treble extension, allowing us to attain class leading treble never-before-seen in a single tube design. What was previously impossible is now possible. 

  • Durability

    Meteor is made using the same AL6061 Aluminium alloy as the Helios and Triton.

    The T6 Variant of AL6061 is artificially tempered to provide the maximum possible strength and hardness for our In-Ear Monitors. 

  • True 3-Way Crossover

    By utilizing a true 3-way crossover, we are able to tune each driver to the exact specifications we require, achieving the best possible sound. 

  • Hand Matched Components

    Using only the highest quality Panasonic and Vishay components, they are further hand-matched to attain better channel matching.


  • Driver Crossover - Custom Tuned True 3-Way Crossover with PHAT Technology
  • Frequency Response - 12Hz - 21kHz, ± 3 dB
  • Sensitivity - 111dB/Vrms @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance - 9.7 Ohms @ 1 kHz 
  • Socket - Spring Loaded 0.78mm 2-Pin
  • Cable - 26 AWG OCC Copper
  • Cable Impedance - 0.17 Ohms (4.4mm)
  • Limited 1 - Year Warranty