Toenail fungus is also called onychomycosis, and is a common condition that destroys the toenail. Fungus thrives in the dark and having your feet in shoes that are closed toe can also allow fungus to begin in your toes. Toenail fungus grows in the nail bed, where the toenail meets the skin.

When you are experiencing symptoms like discolored nail color such as yellow or brown color, foul smell coming from under the toenail, on the side and tip of toenail and pain in the toe, you are likely to have a fungal infection. 

You will often begin to notice your toes can become painful when wearing closed toe shoes because the toenail has become so thick.

Now there is a solution, This prescription strength Toenail Fungus Treatment Cream. This advanced anti-fungal cream destroys toenail fungus and heals Keratin nail and dermal areas. Works for both Toenail, Fingernails and Skin fungus too.

Ingredients: Zinc undecilenato 12,000g, Acid undecilenico 6,000g, Cetrimida 1,000g, Cincocaina Chlohidrato 0.100g

Drirections: Apply 2 times a day ( A.M., P.M.)

Price :  $ 60.00
15 mg X 3 = 45 mg
Shipping USA & WORLD