CHOLESTRON is a good way to support overall cardiovascular health. * Supporting your health and wellness requires more than one, single action. *

 CHOLESTRON helps your body maintain CV health by using a combination of vitamins, herbs and extracts designed to approach your health goals from multiple angles, for overall benefit.

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Supports Overall Cardiovascular Health

Supports the Immune System

Supports circulatory health

This supplement is used to preventing clogged arteries Plus, some research suggests that it can also cut disease risk by bumping up levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol, which can help keep the bloodstream clear by removing the buildup of fatty plaque from the arteries.  Made in USA. No side effects. 100% Natural.

Supplement Facts: Soy Lecithin 750 mg, Ginger Root Extract 350 mg, Rosemary Oil 50 mg, Artichoke leaf extract 300 mg, Yarrow 350 mg, Holy basil Extract 350 mg and Cholesterol Proprietary Blend

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take three capsules every day. If you cannot swallow, please break it and sprinkle in the food or water

PRICE:  $ 39.99

EXP. DATE: 12/2027