This is a listing for genuine 'Green Film' manufactured in the USA (not a cheap copy from China / Japan) and held in stock in the UK for fast despatch.

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There are 14 standard sizes ready and waiting to be sent quickly to you. If you have a specific size requirement, we can make it to your requirements at no extra cost. You pay only for the square area of the film you want. No nasty surprise extras.
Price comparison
Size in Area sq in Cost £ Cost £/sq in
12 x 12  144 47.95 0.33
12 x 8 96 33.95 0.35
10 x 8 80 29.95 0.37
8 x 8 64 24.95 0.39
8 x 6 48 20.95 0.44
6 x 6 36 17.95 0.50
6 x 4 24 14.95 0.62
4 x 4 16 11.95 0.75
4 x 3 12 9.95 0.83
3 x 3 9 8.95 0.99
 3 1/7 x 2  6.3 7.45 1.18
 2 2/5 x 2 2/5          5.8                6.95               1.21
       2 x 2                 4                  4.75               1.29
       2 x 1 3/5          3.1                4.25               1.37

Magnetic field viewing film is used to show stationary or (less often) slowly changing magnetic fields; it shows their location and direction. 

It is a remarkably complex film, which is the reason why it is not cheap to manufacture or buy. It is a green translucent thin flexible sheet, coated with micro-capsules containing nickel flakes suspended in oil. 

When magnetic lines of force are parallel to the surface of the carrier sheet, the surfaces of the flakes are reflective, and appear bright. When lines of force are perpendicular to the sheet, the flakes are edge-on, and appear significantly darker. When the film is placed on a magnet's pole, the latter case applies, and most of the area of the pole appears dark.

If two magnets are placed next to each other, poles facing up and down, and arranged to attract each other, their poles are dark, but a thin line between the poles is bright where the flakes reflect light. 

The film cannot be used for AC electromagnets as it will not show rapidly changing magnetic fields. It cannot be used to distinguish between north or south poles. It will also not distinguish very small field variations that you encounter on magnetic tape or magnetic strips on the back of debit or credit cards.

The photos show some the hundreds of interesting images that are possible by placing this highly flexible film directly onto different shaped or oriented magnets.  

Colour - Green Thickness - 0.006 inches to 0.008 inches, 0.152 mm to 0.203 mm 

Size - 2 inches x 1 3/5 inches, 50 mm x 40 mm 

Specifications -  Film surface free from scuffs, scratches and abrasions                         

                       -  Coatings uniform and free from scuffs, scratches and abrasions

Have a look at the video showing some of the cool images you can see with the 'Green Film'!  

Just click here to watch video  

You too could experience this fascinating world for yourself in just a couple of days!