[ IMONPRO ] Solid Damage Control Hair Ampoule 15ml x 8pcs

▶ Brand : IMONPRO

▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea

▶ Target Area : Hair

▶ Skin Type : All Hair Types

▶ Condition : 100% Brand-new

▶ Capacity : 15ml Full size

▶ Product description
No.1 KOREAN Professional Ampoule (Made in Korea)
Restores health to the hair by supplying moisture and oil into the matrix.
Makes the hair resilient, smooth and glossy
Repairs Dry Damaged hair and Makes smooth, glossy and healthy hair
Supplies Nutrition with Red Ginseng, Pomegranate, Eclipta prostrata etc.
Strengthens the hair volume by making it rich and light simultaneously
Use as a Hair Conditioner & Treatment : Pre & After your Perm and Dye
Best of Best Professional Ampoule in Korean Hair Salon

▶ How to use
*Home & Salon Treatment
-Shampoo and towel dry
-Apply hair heavily on damaged hair and massage for 5-10 mins
-Leave for 5-10 mins (with hair cap)
-Rinse off lightly with lukewarm water

*As a pre & after- treatment for perm or dye
-Shampoo and towel dry
-Apply hair heavily on damaged hair and leave for 5-10 mins
-Process perm or dye
-Apply on hair after perm or dye and leave for 5-10 mins (Instead of hair conditioner)
-We recommend to use it 3 times a week for effective result