The Enigma Broadcast H2x amplifier PCB is suitable for providing the necessary connections to many of the popular Mitsubishi RA series modules in the H2M or H2S packages. Most of the RA13, RA18, RA30, RA45, RA55, RA60 and RA80 series are covered by these two packages.

The module provides the necessary power supply decoupling, coaxial input and output connections, bias control, 6dB input attenuator and a PTT (push-to-talk) bias control with LED PTT indication.

The PCB measures only 67 x 25mm so perfect for finishing off a neat and compact amplifier stage. Supplied with operating instructions and circuit diagram.

Features & Specifications

Before purchasing this product, please check your RA modules' datasheet to ensure that the specifications meet your requirements.

Price is for 1 board, but discount offered when buying more than one. These are such great value, you can keep a couple spare in the drawer for those last-minute amplifier projects .

We also sell many of the RA series modules- have a look at our other items. We only stock genuine Mitsubishi parts.

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