Greenstreet Publisher 4.6 Home & Business Edition (PC CD-ROM)

Runs on Windows Xp to Windows 10

Supplied as a CD in standard case, shrnk wrapped and brand new. Last 10 Products

An affordable, award winning desktop publishing software suite for your Windows PC. Upwards Compatible with Timeworks Publisher or Publish*it software (All Publisher files that are “.DTP” will import into Greenstreet Publisher)

Widely acknowledged as the 'best low cost DTP package on the market' this is the complete multiple award winning publishing solution for every business, office, home office and club.

Publisher 4.6 Home & Business offers more creative features than other publishing programs with clear, step-by-step instructions, delivering first class results every time. Achieving the perfect document couldn't be easier!

With a broad range of pre-designed templates to help you along the way, you'll soon be producing professional standard catalogues, business stationery, websites, adverts, leaflets, menus, newsletters, price lists, magazines, presentations and much more. Or effortlessly create your own from scratch, the easy to use frame based layout gives you ease of positioning text, images and pictures - giving you total flexibility.     

Packed with fantastic features, powerful yet simple to use tools and an integrated help system, this is the only DTP package you are ever likely to need!


          Document Styling - Instant document design, sizing, colour and font selection

          Frame Based - frames can be positioned anywhere in your document - greater flexibility in layout

          Web Export - Export documents as a set of HTML pages with supporting files

          Charts & Graphs - 2D & 3D, colour pie charts, line charts, scatter charts, area charts, bar charts and more

          Spreadsheets - table format, fully customisable, full formula support for financial planning

          Mail merge - effortlessly generate customised documents & letters from a list of names and addresses

          Contact Organiser - fields for home, work and notes, mobile phone number and URLs as well as address details

          Powertext 3D - 3D text creator, alter 3D depth, add textures, colours, lighting effects, shadows, radial blends

          Barcodes - Produces 23 standard barcode types including EAN, UPC & ISBN

          Multiple Languages - English (UK) / English (US) / French - Français / German - Deutsch / Spanish - Español

          Also includes picture browser

          NEW! Improved export to web and added support for ATM and Open Type fonts

          Award Winning!!

See full features table, descriptions and screenshots below...

Publisher 4.6 Home & Business is packed with extra greenstreet software features including SnapShot (a great way to capture images on your screen), Picture Browser (drop an image into any OLE2 compliant application) and Keypad to allow you to easily select extended characters and symbols.

Perfect for business use as well as in the home, social clubs, groups, school & the family - ages twelve and upwards          


Runs on Windows™ 10/7/Vista (32 & 64 bit) and Xp