ANSKIN Original Modeling Mask 240g Aroma

▶ Brand : ANSKIN

▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea

▶ Target Area : Face

▶ Skin Type : All Skin Types

▶ Condition : 100% Brand-new

▶ Capacity : 8.46 oz / 240g

▶ Product description
The model packs that improve the problems of the skin.
You can feel the change in skin pack management model.
Do not use the sterile pack in a skin model skin.
Eliminate wrinkles, it gives elasticity.
It helps soften the skin surface.
Elastic and glowing skin makes in.

Young skin remains in olive extract containing the ingredient to inhibit oxidation
and skin elasticity and helps cultivate so shiny.
The intensive hydration, stimulation from the outside of the licorice extract and allantoin soothe the skin helps protect and relax.

▶ How to use
After cleansing, refine skin texture with the toner
and apply skincare products to maximize the effects of the modeling pack.
Mix the powder and water in 1: 0.8 ratio. Apply the modeling pack on entire face.
Remove the pack after 15-25 minutes.
Remove the modeling pack residue from the face and follow up with skincare routine.