This listing is for two vintage HP L2000 Special Edition Laptops.
They are the "LiveStrong" Lance Armstrong Edition.

One is in good working order, barely used, in very good condition. I was able to load Windows Vista onto it, and it has some web browsing capabilities and antivirus. It is WiFi compatible. It has 2gb ram, and 80gb HDD.
The other one has seen a lot more use. It has a slightly faster processor (although both models have AMD Turion 64 processors). It has 512mb Ram, no HDD. Signs of use are shown in the photos, some light cracking along the case near where the hinge is, the rubber overlay on the left click button has come off, and some marring of the touchpad. Additionally, the touchpad sometimes glitches out and doesn't work properly. Otherwise It can boot and run just fine, but there is no HDD installed. (Need to use the 2gb RAM in order to run Vista)

Originally these laptops came with Windows XP Pro, but the original installations are long since gone. I blurred out the product keys in the images of the stickers on the bottom of the laptops in case you intend to resotre to original functionality and wish to make use of the original product key (if possible)

Comes with a laptop lock cable, two power chargers, two batteries (one of which seems to hold a charge, not sure about the other one), a couple Adobe software installation cds, plus a manual, and two cds loaded with an assortment of HP hardware drivers for XP and Vista.