Template Updated: 08.09.23.


eBay Standard Envelope (ESE) and Canada Post can take a VERY long time to deliver!!

PLEASE wait at least 30-45 calendar days from ship date on ESE or Int?l Economy service prior to submitting a claim to eBay.  Any claims filed in less than 30 days will be challenged, as I have no control over how long ESE and International take in transit, and the parcel almost ALWAYS arrives eventually.  Please be patient!

·          ESE tracking is almost always inaccurate, as many Post Offices do not perform arrival/departure scans. If an item appears stuck it DOES NOT mean it is lost!!

·          If your sales price was under $20 USD and you would prefer Ground Advantage ($4.25) or International First-Class Shipping (Canada / ~18,00 CAD) please message me and I will update your invoice!

·          If you choose the ESE service, please note that in addition to taking longer, this service is essentially ?bulk mail?.  As such, it goes through the same systems as a letter with a stamp.  This involves automation and roller systems, which carries an increased risk of damage, no matter the lengths I go to protect the card(s).  I may choose to refund in the event of obvious damage, but the buyer is assuming some of the risk if selecting this cheaper (and much worse) shipping option.


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Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions, and thanks for looking!