Drastic Elastic Commando Xpando Stretch Armstrong Vintage

This is in great condition for there age please check the pictures.

Commando xpando is still super soft, all original but he is showing his age very old now 28/29 years old now.

Commando xpando will need to be drained/repaired in the near future if he deteriorates from the great but old condition he is in now again please check the pictures. Advisable not to stretch him as he is so old now.

The Drastic Elastic Stretch Figure made by Justoys in 1993 is one stretch figure Produced aver 28 years ago, this Stretch Figure named the commando-xpando is one of two stretch figures in the Drastic Elastic Line.The Drastic Elastics were sold in Kaybee Toys Stores for a very short time and not very many were produced.The Drastics were Justoys rival to the Cap Toys Stretch Armstrong which were sold at the same time.The enemy of The Extendinator is named Xpando Commando.The Drastic Elastics are extremely rare considering they are a relatively more recent figure compared to the vintage stretch figures of the 1970s. They are the largest of all the stretches standing at a height of over 15 inches and have very unique metalic skin.A very different box with 45 degree angled corners.There was a T.V. Commercial made for these figures which you can see below. Value. $700.00

Above is the super rare Drastic Elastic Commando Xpando! This is the only 2nd Cammando figure known on record to date. I obtained this figure and it is totaly great and still drastically super soft after over 28 years. Drastic Elastic is another figure much like the 1992 Stretch Armstrong that really captures the look of the 1990's .Value $800.00

Not advisable to stretch this item it’s collectible and very old.

Pictures taken with an apple iPad Pro so they are very good you can zoom in on them to see more detail, please only bid or buy if you actually want the item as returns are not accepted. They will only be accepted if wrongly described and I do not do that, you will get what is in the picture and the description thank you. Postage 1st class insured and signed for.