Greet guests with humour using this unique “Welcome to HMP” doormat playing off Her Majesty's Prison and doormat puns!

Crafted from durable coconut coir with black lettering, this door mat measures Width 60cms x Height 40cms  to wipe feet in style. 

The black background allows the bold Black text to stand out. 

Reads "Welcome to HMP" in a clever nod to both hospitality and correctional facilities.

Spruce up your entryway décor and showcase your lively personality with this custom-made novelty doormat. 

Durable and unique, it brings the laughs while still effectively cleaning shoes before entering your home, office, cell or other interior needing a spit-shine!

This conversation-starting high-quality mat pulls together interior design and jokes laced with prison irony. 

Welcome friends and possible parole officers alike! 

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Please message me with any questions on this clever, well-made HMP doormat that plays into prison motifs with serious style. 

Get yours before mandatory sentencing forces us all into Green!