Vintage 1967 Baldwin Burns Double Six White 12 String Electric Guitar Case 1960s

This is one of the rarest guitars you'll ever find - a Baldwin (Burns) Double Six in original 'white' finish. When you can find these, they're usually in green, but this one is the rarer found white. I found this beauty in a local auction house and couldn't refuse. It was a one owner guitar from a deceased estate. Originally bought in early 1967 (shown from the serial number), and kept ever since. The guitar is in wonderful condition with only a few light marks to the finish, and the Tri-Sonic pickups work a treat! Comes with a period hardcase but this was a later addition, not original to the guitar. This is also the case for that truss rod cover which is not 'covering' anything, it's just a later addition to make it look different (!?). A truly wonderful guitar, and I doubt you'll find another for some time. Please check out the pictures below as these form part of my description.