Sony HT-XT3 2.1 Channel TV Base Speaker Compatible for High-Resolution Audio (350 W, S-Master HX, Clear Audio Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Bluetooth and NFC) - Black

Soundbase is in good working order with some quite unnoticeable blemishes from being repositioned just couple of times when moving home. All connections are free from debris and fully functional. It comes in original box with remote, optical cable and user instructions manual. Comes from non-smoking home with no pets.

The Sony HT-XT3 soundbase boosts your TVs sound so you can hear it as intended by the artist. Its compact, all-in-one cabinet packs two integrated subwoofers and wireless connectivity which can fill your home with music. Simply position underneath the TV for a discreet yet surround sound experience.

Powerful sounds
Driving 350 watts of music power, the soundbase can provide all the audio you need for the complete viewing experience. And with its two built in subs, bass is so deep you can feel it. This makes the soundbase a 3.1 channel which is all packed in to a single box design to deliver, deep rumbling bass tones for an immersive sound, and viewing experience.

4K TV pass through
The Sony HT-XT3 allows 4K data to ‘pass through’ and be displayed on a 4K TV, without compromising on the image quality. This makes the soundbase a perfect partner for large screen TVs.

Built-in Wi-Fi
Browse and play music and movies from your Smartphone, tablet and laptop by connecting to your home network. Or alternatively, stream popular online music services directly from the TV soundbase.

Want to listen to music in an instant? Simply touch an NFC enabled Smartphone or tablet to make a connection with Wi-Fi, and hear your favourite tunes fill the room.

Don’t worry if your Smartphone doesn’t have Wi-Fi or NFC capabilities – you can still stream music directly from your phone or tablet using a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Multiple HDMI ports

With three HDMI ports, the soundbase can be connected to a Blu-ray Disc player, games console or more. This means that you can enjoy all our home cinema in one place.