Gentlemen, Please read all details.
I have video of engine running I tried to post but it does not post.
I can maybe post it on my FB.

Very nice original Harley 1947 EL ENGINE ONLY; built to 1200 specs with a Lienweber 1 cam. Yes, It has a PA title in my name. More engine details below. Please read all the details.

DO NOT wait years to rip down the road!
Ride and live now.
A real sleeper!
Great for a bobber, rustoration, restoration or what you have in mind.
This engine runs like a champ and looks awesome.

Engine is in bike running and can be inspected by serious buyers between 2pm to 4 pm Sunday the 21st ONLY.
You may do a compression test.
Look in the cylinders with a bore scope.
Hear it run and listen to it.
Visually inspect the authentic vin numbers and matching belly numbers.
You can NOT ride the motorcycle.
 ONLY:  Marty, Adam Jones, Mudfish, or Rob at USA Cycle in Middlesex NJ can ride it.
Sorry if you are not one of them few fellas -no free rides- no exceptions.

The engine can be picked up at the famous Oley, PA swapmeet on the 26th.
Complete ENGINE ONLY as described.

Beautiful Original Harley engine cases.
Vin and belly numbers are 100% original.
Good engine bolting mounts.
74 inch flywheels balanced.
Original paint tappet and oil pump body with sending unit.
Original case, cover, head, ect Hardware.
Original 1947 heads- NO broken stanchions.
Original very nice tins, covers and rocker boxes.
Original UN-broken top engine mount.
Original oil line to top end.
Original 74 inch knuckle intake manifold and nuts.
Original timer, with HD small points and HD big condenser.
Original timer to coil wire.
Original relay bracket and relay.
Nice original cam cover.
M74B with hot rod snout cover.

NOT included:
What you do not get is the generator, it is an early brass tag one for my 39.

I finally have a 39 engine for the chassis and do not need this engine.