Build your own Iron Man Suit (Cosplay)


You will receive a disc or download link, containing plans on how to build a full size Iron Man Movie Costume - from the Mk I - Mk 43 Hulkbuster over 19 costume plans along with even more props!
Be more authentic looking and you'll be sure to steal the show at any party, night out, comic-con.
Why buy a cheap looking suit or blow ££££ on a replica, when with some basic tools (craft knife, glue gun etc) you can have fun making your own!!
You can tailor the suits to fit any size, so the whole family can get involved. 
The collection comes on a single CD or folder and has the software needed to view the files included, simply select which suit you wish to make and away you go. Each suit section is accompanied by a 3D model (so you can see where parts go) and printable templates, simply cut out the parts and glue together!
You will also need the following:
  • Access to a PC & a Printer
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting board
  • Printing card or Thin Foam (6.5mm - Can get from Decathalon stores or on Ebay)
  • Glue, either Super glue or hot glue gun.  
This project is NOT a 4 hour build! it will require time, effort and patience, but is a great hobby!
Feel free to ask any questions, happy to answer queries about this prior to purchase.   

No copyrights infringed with this software, you will be sent a disc containing all the documents and software required.


We cannot accept any liability for injury, this disc is for reference only. If you are not competent, you should seek the advise of an adult/professional. Returns not accepted due to previous buyers copying then wishing to return. We are happy to resolve any issues and replacement discs will be sent in the unlikely event of a fault. All discs are tested prior to shipping.