Gibson ES-330TD
Manufactured 1967
Serial Number 070069

Beautiful vintage Gibson in Cherry Red. This guitar has aged amazingly well and whilst not immaculate condition it looks fantastic.

The finish has faded slightly and the binding has coloured nicely giving this guitar a great look. The pickups give a great variety of tones and the electrics are all good. The neck is straight with no real string buzz and you are able to play all over comfortably. The hardware looks good and there are no nasty dings to speak of.

The frets are in good condition and very playable.

I have 2 cases and think one of them is the original. Hopefully you can see the original suppliers label through the F Hole, this also matches the label pictured which I think adds to the originality of this guitar. The original case shows its age hence the newer protects the guitar.

This is a really nice guitar to play and sounds great plugged in with a variety of rich tones. The pickups operate well with great sounds through the neck or bridge. The neck is relatively small so easy for various chord shapes and due to the weight, it's a light guitar to hold.

A great addition to your collection and a great investment opportunity. These guitars are hard to find in this condition and this one is a great buy.

Many guitar greats have played these 330's over the years, why not become part of this history yourself.

Strap it on, plug it in and play loud.....or without any power and listen to the sound unplugged. 

The postage includes both cases and dependent on where you are, I will try to deliver myself to ensure safe delivery.

Please ask any questions or if you want any specific pictures just ask.