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Here we have a stunning 1941 General Electric model L-660 tabletop tube radio featuring a gorgeous American Walnut cabinet, solid wood pillared sides, spectacular automobile motif slide rule dial with chrome escutcheon, great Art Deco appeal, built in loop antenna and excellent performance.

Cabinet: The genuine American Walnut cabinet is an absolute showstopper. Gorgeous wood grain flows throughout the entire set. Its solid wood pillared sides really grab your attention. A unique slanted front with waterfall top reminds you of the elegant craftsmanship so popular from the era. A top louvered grill accommodates the top mounted speaker. Dark Walnut trim finishes the cabinet off with the perfect contrast. This deco beauty is sure to be the highlight of any room in the home or office you choose to display it in.

Dial & Knobs: GE's automobile themed dial is as good as it gets! The speedometer like AM scale, lower pushbuttons and chrome escutcheon is reminiscent of automobile dashboards from the same era. The dial is illuminated by a center mounted dial lamp for easy dim or dark room tuning. All letters and numbers on the dial are legible and show very little signs of wear. The dial glass is clear and free from any chips breaks or cracks. The surrounding chrome escutcheon shines nicely. Both knobs are in perfect shape and control on/off & volume and tuning. The red toggle switch behind the on/off knob controls high/low tone. Due to the age and delicacy of the automatic pushbutton tuning mechanism we have disabled this feature and locked the manual tuning button into place (to tune by knob) to avoid any mechanism damage.

Grill Cloth: The 1930’s style grill cloth is a fine replacement fabric featuring a dark gold color with a standard weave pattern. This fabric can also be purchased separately in our eBay store or clicking this link: .

Chassis: All tubes in the 6-tube chassis were tested with any weak tubes being replaced. All caps, filters and resistors were checked and replaced as needed. All brittle or bare wiring was replaced or re-insulated. The chassis has been cleaned, lubed and re-aligned for optimal performance. Using just the built in loop antenna, the radio performs very well. I'm able to receive many stations across the AM broadcast band with great tone and plenty of volume.

Not a fan of AM broadcast? Little or no AM stations in your area? Stream / transmit your favorite music, radio shows, playlists, or anything else to your vintage radio with our AM transmitter (sold separately)! No installation or alterations required. Simply pair your audio device to the Bluetooth receiver, place it inside or next to your radio and get ready to transmit through your radio. AM transmitter old separately in our eBay store. Here is the link which includes a demonstration on how it works:  

The Cabinet’s Finish, Restoration Process and Repairs: Our Radio cabinets undergo a vigorous restoration process. Our goal is to maintain the natural beauty of the wood and grain, while providing a deep luster and shine. We achieve this by removing all the old and worn lacquers and stains. We then sand the cabinet with fine grit pads down to the original bare wood. Nicks, chips, and blemishes are filled and/or blended. Any loose veneer is re-secured. We make sure any filler applied or repairs made are blended nicely and do not detract from the beauty of the set unless otherwise noted. New stains and sealers are applied by hand. We continue by using many coats of Mohawk brand lacquers and toners applied in the same manner as when the radio was originally finished in the factory. We use nitrocellulose piano lacquer which is applied through a professional HVLP turbine spray system in a climate-controlled room. Nitrocellulose lacquer is very thin. We also apply very thin coats. This allows the lacquer to seep into the grain and not cover it up. A fine grit wet sanding follows every third coat along with a polishing process and ending with a QAR-Glaze rub (available in our eBay store or click here: ). Many hours of work are put into the radios, but as you can see, the outcome is a beautiful, natural looking cabinet with gorgeous luster& shine. Our radios are a great piece of history that comes to you ready to proudly display, as well as listen to, in any room of the home or office.

Dimensions: 13" W x 8 1/2" H x 8" D.

Approximate Shipping Costs: $20 East Coast, $32 Central and $48 West Coast 

Antique tube radio reception can differ greatly depending on location, length of antenna, time of day and amount of interference in different areas. Many modern-day appliances can also interfere with reception and cause static, distortion or buzzing. This is an 80+ year old AM radio. Its reception, sound and performance should not be expected to compare to a modern radio with today's technology. Playing capability is accurately described based on my location, surroundings and hooked up to a loop or 12’ copper line antenna. The antenna will be included in the sale, but I cannot guarantee reception quality in your area. It may differ (better or worse) depending on your location, surroundings, distance from AM broadcasts in your vicinity and interference. Antique Radio Electronics, whether restored or un-restored, are by nature hazardous due to their voltage, design, age and should not be operated unattended or for great lengths at a time. Any operation, repairs or other adjustments are done at your own risk.

I sell quality antique radios and describe them accurately as can be confirmed with my outstanding feedback. I have sold many sets to my valued customers, museums, high profile businesses and as TV/Movie props. All were extremely pleased, so bid with confidence.

My radios are expertly packed using oversized boxes, many layers of bubble wrap and several inches of packing material surrounding each side of the radio so you can be assured they arrive safely. UPS is my default shipping method. USPS can be requested but shipping charge may change.

Policies / Warranty: We offer a 14-day money back guarantee (buyer pays return shipping with professional packing) if the radio has been grossly misrepresented. Our radios are accurately described and in working order when shipped out. In rare instances however, as with any vintage electronics, minor problems can occur during shipment due to the age and delicacy of antique radio parts. If your radio arrives and does not work, please let us know. We will gladly walk you through the process of troubleshooting to get it started. If that fails to correct the problem we will pay for return shipping to us, diagnose and fix the problem, and return the radio to you. We also offer a 30-day warranty on all the tubes, capacitors and resistors. Due to the design of some antique radio parts, we cannot warranty transformers, coils, tuners, and speakers. However, if at any time these parts happen to fail, we will assist in repairing or replacing the defective part at a fair cost.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will answer in a timely manner.

Click here to add us to your favorites and Click here to view our other listings including restored antique radios, Zenith black dial wall clocks, grill cloth, decals and many radio, amp & vintage electronic supplies.