The Liz Truss 'jenga' lectern cost £4775 of taxpayer's money, yet I am willing to make a unique miniature reproduction of this item using pallets, woodchip, balsa wood and off cuts of discarded wood from the local council tip for JUST the sum of money that Liz Truss' mini budget cost the taxpayer - YES, just £30 BILLION for this one-off piece of tat.  "The Truss" was used just TWICE in 2022, unlike its owner, after which Liz blew up the country's finances with her unique version of 'Brexonomics'.

But, just imagine.  You will be able to stand behind "The Truss" in your garden and say things like "Pork Markets", "I will deliver", "Rishi the Snake", "Conference .... I ... rebelled", "THAT ..... IS ..... A ..... DISGRACE" and "Nicola Sturgeon is best ignored".

Since ebay will not allow me to price "The Truss" at £30 BILLION, I have listed it at a fraction of the cost and will TRUSS the lucky winner to pay back the residual amount in good faith.  Liz and Kwasi should in fact be paying the £30 BILLION back shortly, at which point I will list "The Truss" for free.

The item is not the one shown, but will bear a passing resemblance to the real thing, although pallets and woodchip are not ideal materials for lectern construction.  For this reason and, just like Brexit, no guarantees will be provided for this pointless item. 

Nor are the pork rectums part of this auction.  "The Truss" has only been used twice according to legend, although the Lib Dems have a different story to tell.  

Free block of mouldy Norfolk cheese for the winner, an Alan Partridge tie and blaser pack and a copy of Liz's book "Britannia Unhinged".

Proceeds will be used to stand a candidate for election in 2024.  We need £500 to register and several thousand pounds for the campaign.

Liz was only in office for 46 days so this lectern is virtually new.   Don't delay.  Get the Truss lectern today!!