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Sanitary & Drainage

by Peter Wenning

The 3rd edition of Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Sanitary & Drainage by Peter Wenning is an essential guide for those looking to learn about and improve their plumbing skills. The book is updated with the latest codes and standards, including information on new technologies and materials that are used in today's plumbing systems. The author's extensive experience in the field, combined with clear and concise explanations, makes the book easy to understand and follow, making it an ideal resource for both beginners and experienced plumbers. The book also includes step-by-step instructions and photographs, providing hands-on guidance for completing plumbing projects. This book is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspect of sanitary & Drainage system and perfect for those who want to improve their skills and knowledge in plumbing.

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Publisher Description

Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Sanitary & Drainage, 3e provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to complete tasks in the above ground (sanitary) and below ground (drainage) services. End-of-chapter tasks focus on theory as well as practice, while WHS references throughout the text explore important issues faced in the industry and the workplace. This edition meets the requirements of the training requirements from the new Certificate III in Plumbing, CPC Training Package.

Author Biography

Peter Wenning has been a Plumbing and Services teacher at Chisholm Institute of TAFE in Victoria since 2006. He is also an RPL assessor at Skills Tech QLD. Peter is an active contributor to the Plumbing Connection Magazine where he has published numerous articles and learning guides since 2003. He has a great reputation and recognition in the plumbing industry in Australia where he is the Victorian state representative of Institute of Plumbing Australia and a member of the National Plumbing Services Training Advisory Group (NAPSTAG).

Table of Contents

PART 1 - PLANNING AND PREPARATIONUnit 1 - Worksite preparation and maintenanceUnit 2 - Excavation and trench supportUnit 3 LevellingUnit 4 Planning the layout for a residential external sanitary drainage systemUnit 5 Planning the layout for a residential sanitary plumbing systemUnit 6 Weld polyethylene and polypropylene pipes using fusion methodUnit 7 Locate and clear blockagesPART 2 - INSTALLING SANITARY SYSTEMSUnit 8 Installing sanitary plumbingUnit 9 Installing and fitting off sanitary fixturesPART 3 - INSTALLING DRAINAGE SYSTEMSUnit 10 Installing below-ground sanitary drainage systemsUnit 11 Installing stormwater and sub-soil drainage systemsUnit 12 Installing sewerage pump setsUnit 13 Septic tanks and on-site treatment facilities

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Master the Fundamentals of Plumbing with the Updated 3rd Edition of Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Sanitary & Drainage.


Author Peter Wenning
Year 2021
Edition 3rd
ISBN-13 9780170424899
Place of Publication South Melbourne
Publication Date 2021-08-05
NZ Release Date 2021-08-05
Pack Parent 9780170292832
ISBN-10 0170424898
UK Release Date 2021-08-05
Pages 480
Imprint Cengage Australia
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Textbook 1
Birth 1947
Affiliation Chisholm Institute
Position Nancy Hoefs Professor of English
Qualifications BSc (Hons), PhD, Grad Cert Tertiary Education
Publisher Cengage Learning EMEA
Edition Description 3rd edition
Format Spiral
Audience Tertiary & Higher Education
AU Release Date 2021-08-04