***Message  - Have you planned your next adventure yet?!

This is an award winning travel product, sustainably sourced, made in the U.K (winner of the eBay Guardian Labs entrepreneur award October 2018).  It is a flight log to enable you capture your memories of your journeys and adventures in a simple, yet beautiful, passport size booklet. Inside you will find a page to fill in information about yourself, pages to log all your flights - we always ask the pilot to fill in the flight details & to sign it! It also contains several pages filled with all the flags of our world's countries & world map. The final pages contain exciting information about how far you have travelled and practical pages as well.

Great for children's party bags. Should not cause tooth decay, if eaten, and definitely won't add to the plastic pile.

The product comes with a red envelope as pictured.

Keep it with your passports so it always makes the journey with you!

Eco-Friendly business - We created this product using paper from sustainable sources and all our packaging is from either FSC or recycled paper. Our World deserves it!
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Dimensions - 90mm by 125mm (3.5in by 5in)

*note - the lego people are not included as we need them to help with our distribution.