Dell Inspiron 5160 laptop PC for parts or repair:
  • Intel Pentium 4 M w/ integrated graphics
  • 512MB (2x256MB) RAM
  • No HDD included
  • 15.0" display, resolution unknown
  • Windows XP Home COA attached and legible, no installation media included
  • No charger included, but uses common 7.4mm size

Appears in great condition, but cannot power on. Battery light turns on to indicate battery is depleted (and may still be healthy!), but charger does not appear to be powering motherboard. Could be an easy restoration, or a valuable parts machine.

Just need specific parts? Get in touch and I may be willing to part this unit out.

Unused RAM Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides free refurbished computers to those who need them. The sale of this item helps fund that work!