Doctor Who - The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles Volume 2 - Timejacked by Matt Fitton Lou Morgan (Audio CD

Publisher : Big Finish Productions Ltd (30 Jan. 2022)
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13.1 x 2.7 x 14.5 cm
1250 in Doctor Who
11246 in Science Fiction Space Operas

Product Description

The Doctors been timejacked Rookie Time Agent Keira Sanstrom needs the Doctors help and shes prepared to go to extreme measures to get it. Unwillingly whisked away from St. Lukes University the Doctor quickly discovers that being forced off Earth is only the start of his problems... 2.1 Flight to Calandra by Matt Fitton. The Doctor wants a peaceful afternoon playing guitar in his study. Keira wants the Doctor to take her from Earth to the planet Calandra. Reluctantly the Doctor agrees. But when they arrive Calandra isnt how Keira remembers. Somethings gone very wrong... 2.2 Split Second by Lou Morgan. Oh dear. That wasnt meant to happen. 2.3 The Weight of History by Lou Morgan. The Founder built their planet and their people from nothing. Their lives and their very world are dependent on the whims of the Founder. All praise the Founder. Cast: Jacob Dudman (The Doctor) Bhavnisha Parmar (Keira Sanstrom) Hannah Genesius (Milla) Charlie Hamblett (Vetch) Holly Jackson Walters (Havilland) George Naylor (Attis) Harley Viveash (Pennou). Other parts played by members of the cast. Read more

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