Steph’s Best Cacao Protein Sunflower Butter is extremely satisfying and loaded with flavor. A good source of minerals, this is a great snack; whether you’re on the go or in the mood for a treat. Our product is curated with no added fillers and is hand made with selected pure ingredients. Allowing the contents to speak for itself. Bringing you the most wholesome flavor. Steph’s Best Cacao Protein Sunflower Butter delivers quality and value to each of you to bring you a truly out of this world experience. Taste the difference.

NUTRITIOUS VEGAN SPREAD: Enjoy the goodness of our vegan sunflower seed butter, a healthy option packed with wholesome ingredients.

GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE, SOY-FREE: Our sunflower seed butter is free from gluten, nuts, and soy, making it a versatile and allergen-friendly choice for everyone, while still being an excellent source of protein

SATISFYING AND DELICIOUS: Indulge guilt-free in the satisfying, and satiating taste of our sunflower seed butter, perfect for adding a nutritious twist to your favorite snacks.

VERSATILE AND HEALTHY: Spread it on toast, drizzle it on fruits, or use it as a dip - our sunflower seed butter is a versatile and healthy addition to your pantry. Swap out your peanut butter with this amazing alternative.

AMAZING FLAVORS: Choose from our Original and our Cacao flavored butters and enjoy your guiltless treat.