"Official Supporters Edition" - Available in DVD or Blu-ray

Since the end of our crowdfunding campaign back in Aug 2021, we have been contacted by a number of people who missed out on the opportunity to support the project and who also wished to contribute. By releasing these limited editon DVD/Blu-rays we are again giving the opportunity to (retrospectively) get involved with supporting this project.

We have already started to submit the film to a number of film festivals around the world, with the aim of getting the attention of larger producers who may wish to develop the film into a full length feature film, with a proper budget! However, film festival submissions are not free and the entry fees can mount up quickly. We hope to fund this process and further development through the DVD sales and online streaming fees. So please be assured, the proceeds from these sales will be helping to push this project forward!

For more information, please visit www.hawferfilm.com


Are there any special features? - Unfortunately not. This project has stretched our small team to beyond what many people thought possible, all our effort has been spent to actually finish the film. We simply do not currently have enough material at the moment to warrant any special features.

Are these DVDs multi-region? - Yes, there are no region restrictions.

Will the DVD work in my machine? - Yes, for 99% of DVD players. As this is a small run of DVDs (unlike Hollywood) they are made on DVD-R discs which will work on all except some very old players. We will of course offer a full refund if this is the case.

What Aspect Ratio is the video? - The film was shot in 2.40:1 which is a lot wider than most TVs which are 16:9 ratio, therefore the film will be letterboxed (black bars) to allow it to fit a TV screen. Depending on the player, this can be zoomed in, but will crop the edges of the picture.

Is it surround sound? - No, it is in Stereo