Ebike LCD Display Meter KT-LCD4 Display Connector for KT Controller8066
1. Attention: Please confirm that your controller and LCD4 monitor are both KT series before purchasing. If it is not for KT's controller, it cannot be used with KT's display.
2. Material: This electric bicycle LCD display screen is made of high-quality materials. The bottom bracket allows the monitor to remain stable while you ride, and the comprehensive performance plastic makes the monitor less prone to wear. The LCD display screen can clearly record various cycling data. Waterproof to IP56, with certain waterproof properties.
3. Design: The KT-LCD4 Waterproof connector adopts a five wire digital communication method, and the instrument has good compatibility. The instrument host and operation buttons adopt a split structure design, making operation more reasonable and convenient
4. Display function: this display has many functions, including data display function, intelligent power function, gear setting function, parameter setting function: , data viewing function, 6Km/h power promotion function, cruise control control function, night driving function, automatic prompt function
5. Parameter setting: With multiple user parameter setting functions, it can adjust the operating modes such as motor parameters, speed measurement parameters, speed limit parameters, battery parameters, assistance control parameters, controller minimum voltage and maximum current parameters for different vehicle models.

Material: plastic
colour: black

Package Contents:
1 x Ebike LCD Display Mini Meter