we have these machines in stock well known for durability, Fast processing, easy to maintain. comes with 4GB RAM and an adapter. Clean, and TESTED. FAST delivery as well. EACH machine is going for £75 or OFFERs welcome. grab yourself one, great deal, buying from a genuine seller.

                                              "****** FREE POSTAGE******"

Clean machine ONLY used for business purpose. Great for work and serious studying, reliable machine, great and well known for FAST booting. Durable machines, clean in and out. Can be used for FAMILY memories storage and play. comes with disc play. Stress FREE machine, its designed to do its job. Cheap to maintain and repair. These machines can stand many hours of work, and great for LIGHT gaming. can be upgraded to heavy Gaming.

*****************Please note: batteries of these machines are NOT good due to the age of these machines*************************