For sale: 1952 TOPPS BASEBALL CHRISTMAS RACK PACK. This is a genuine Christmas Rack pack that appears to be in great condition (but please refer to photos above to judge for yourself, and keep in mind, there is no way to know how these cards will grade unless you open the pack and grade them). Note: the Brazle card appears to have a minor bend/crease (refer to photos). A MANTLE CARD HAS PREVIOUSLY BEEN PULLED FROM ONE OF MY SOLD '52 PACKS (THAT IS NOT TO SAY THIS PACK WILL CONTAIN THE SAME CARD, BUT SOME BUYERS WHO CHOOSE TO OPEN DO REPORT AMAZING PULLS)! The pack contains 12 cards in total, with 6 "unknown" cards hidden in the middle. This pack does have the hanger intact. Real collectors will recognize this as a genuine pack (pay attention to the snowflake and uneven candy cane design printed on it). Buyer pays $4 for USPS Ground Advantage Insured shipping with signature confirmation required. Payment due within 2 days of auction end. I ship within 2 days of eBay notifying me that payment was received. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like any additional details regarding the pack! 

BACKGROUND ON PACKS (PLEASE READ): For the uninitiated--these are genuine Christmas Rack Packs (not to be confused with counterfeit packs that others have produced in recent years). It is believed that these packs were produced sometime in the 60's by a 3rd party, from overstock TOPPS cards. They were then sold during the holidays in shops like Woolworth's. These packs therefore contain TOPPS cards, but the Christmas Rack Packs were not manufactured by TOPPS. Each pack contains 12 cards--3 showing on top, 3 showing on bottom, and 6 unknown in the middle. In almost every pack I list, the wrapping on the packs is tight. If there are any defects in the pack, or any of the cards showing, I will always point this out in my ad. As the buyer, I want you to know everything I do about these packs. However, unless the pack is opened, I cannot guarantee what the unknown cards are, or the relative condition/grade of any of the cards contained within (which includes the possibility of cards with dull corners, print spots/marks/stains, or cards that are OC or MC). There is really any possibility of pulling any card from any series with these packs. Some buyers have reported amazing pulls. Others (who submit for grading) report grades ranging from 3-4 up to 8. However, it is a crap shoot. The majority of buyers are thrilled with the packs they receive. As the buyer, I ask that you please be aware of what you are bidding on, as I sell these packs as-is, and do not accept returns. As always, I welcome any buyer to reach out if they ever have any questions regarding any of my listings. 

**Note: I am assisting a close family member in selling these genuine Christmas Rack packs (eBay user: wynnian) from whom I have received them to sell. They are an avid collector and reputable seller of these rare packs. Please don't hesitate to reach out to them directly for confirmation/assurance.**