One set contains two sachets (1 X pH 6.86 and 1 X pH 4.00)

  • PH Buffer Powder Sachet for PH Calibration

  • This pH buffer sachets are ideal for calibration and to test the accuracy of pH meters

  • pH 6.86 and pH 4.00 buffer sachets

  • Easy to use - just empty the contents into 250ml of water

  • Long shelf life (sachets can be stored for many years)

  • Sachets are single use


  • Empty one sachet entirely (either pH 6.86 or pH 4.00) into 250ml of water (tap water is ok - distilled water is preferable) at room temperature.
  • Stir solution until powder dissolved and insert pH meter for calibration
  • Method of calibration will vary depending on pH meter. Refer to your manual for instructions
  • Use both pH 6.86 and pH 4.00 for a more accurate (or two point) calibration. 
  • NB: Only one sachet per 250ml of water. Use separate water for each sachet.
  • Discard water after use. Sachets are single use only