What is this service for?

This service covers deldding both the CPU and GPU and replacing all thermal paste, thermal pads, and all NEC Tokin capacitors in your PS3* with low ESR polymer capacitors & multilayer ceramic capacitors. All capacitors are ordered from reputable sellers such as Mouser or Digikey and safely stored in a dry environment until they are installed. For thermal paste, I will be using Arctic MX-4 which is one of the best performing thermal pastes as of 2024 and is durable for at least 8 years! Additionally, any built up dust inside the system will be cleaned out with an air compressor.

After delid, the IHS for both processors will be reattached with similar adhesives as to what Sony used in order to maintain their structural rigidity and reduce warping as the processors heat up and cool down. I can skip this step at your request, but please keep in mind that this will void any warranty provided with this service.

*This service applies to all "fat" model PS3's (CECHAxx - CECHQxx models) and CECH-20xx slim models.

Why should I get this service?

Simply replacing the thermal paste on top of the processor's IHS is not enough if the thermal paste underneath it isn't doing its job! This service replaces ALL thermal paste so that your PS3 will be able to expel as much heat as the cooling system allows.

A clean interior and higher quality thermal paste will significantly reduce the amount of heat lingering inside of your system, thus improving upon long term reliability and lowering the noise levels of your fan during graphically intensive gameplay sessions. 

The NEC Tokin capacitors, when failing, can cause a PS3 to randomly crash during use. If your PS3 currently has trouble running intensive games like GTA, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo, etc then replacing these capacitors may fix your issue!

Additional Services:

Additional services can be added to your order via the Price Adjustment listing. The quantity must be adjusted to dollar amount required. A list of additional services and the listing's link can be found below:

- CMOS battery replacement: $10
- Fan mod*: $30

*The fan mod involves editing the PS3's fan curve in syscon to prioritize lower temperatures. This will slightly increase the fan speed in exchange for lower peak operating temperatures. This mod is completely safe and will not pose any risk to using your PS3 online. The mod will also stay intact after firmware updates, or formatting / replacing the HDD.

Price adjustment listing:

If you would like a CPU brace installed in your system, please see the listing linked below:

If you have any additional requests not mentioned here, please feel free to send me a message regarding them!

What is this service NOT for?

Please keep in mind that replacing the thermal paste and NEC Tokin capacitors usually only serve as preventive maintenance to keep a currently working system running. If your PS3 currently has the "YLOD" and cannot boot up, then this service will likely not benefit you. 

Currently, the best way to diagnose a broken PS3 is scanning the syscon chip for error codes, just like scanning a car for engine codes. A proper repair can only be made after identifying the issue. 

Please note that I will refuse service of any systems that contain biohazards such as insects, bodily fluids, rotten food, etc.

Do you offer a repair service?

Please note that most defective backwards compatible PS3's are due to defective GPU's which require replacement. If your system has a defective GPU, the service linked below will be required for repair:


All non-functional PS3's received can be diagnosed and repaired depending on the issue found. If your system throws a yellow light of death error (beeps three times then shuts off upon booting up or during use) then I will scan syscon for error codes and provide them after diagnosis.

After your system is diagnosed and error codes (if available) are provided, your options are as follows:

- Approve a repair attempt. If the system is found to be unrepairable later, an $80 repair attempt fee will be applied and the difference from what was paid initially will be refunded.

- Decline any repair attempt. A $50 diagnostic fee will be applied and the difference from what was paid initially will be refunded.

- System is found to be unrepairable during diagnosis. A $50 diagnostic fee will be applied and the difference from what was paid initially will be refunded.

Unless otherwise stated, each repair will be $160 and can be covered by placing an order via this listing. The rates mentioned in this listing assume that the GPU is not defective. For defective GPU's please refer to my GPU replacement service.

All systems that are successfully repaired will also be delidded and have their thermal paste fully replaced! Please note that the NEC Tokin capacitors will not be replaced unless they are found defective during diagnosis or testing. If your system has been repaired without replacing the NEC Tokin capacitors, you may still request these capacitors be replaced for an additional $100.

How do I send in my console?

After purchase, you will soon receive a direct message from me including all of the necessary shipping information. Shipping costs in this listing only cover return shipping. Unless otherwise stated, turn around time is usually 10 business days after receiving your system.

To ensure that your system is safely shipped, I recommend following the advice listed below:

1. Use a box that is at least 2 inches larger than the console on all sides (front, back, sides, top and bottom).

2. Ensure that the console itself is wrapped with at least 1 inch worth of bubble wrap on all sides. Ensure no corners are exposed.

3. Any remaining empty space in the box should be filled with compressible shipping material, such as foam, crumbled paper, etc. Please do not use air packs as they can pop and become useless.

4. When the box is closed, ensure that the console does not move when the box is shaken.

Please keep in mind that I am not responsible for any damage caused during shipping due to inadequate packaging, and any systems received damaged due to inadequate packaging may be refused service, returned as is, and your order will be refunded minus shipping costs. 

Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or concerns!