Prepdeck stripper/cleaner is a professional, high-grade product specially designed for the removing of old solid and semi-transparent stains, unsightly grade stamps and other finishes from wood.

It is essentially a three-in-one product. Its main purpose when undiluted, is as an effective way to prepare a wooden surface for further treatment. Prepdeck strips away existing finishes along with stains, marks, and grade stamps.

When diluted, Prepdeck can also reduce mill glaze on new wood and prepare the surface to accept a penetrative finish.

The product can also be diluted for use as a powerful wood cleaner with the ability to get rid of even difficult marks and stains.

Ideal uses for Prepdeck

Recommendations for use

Please note – when using Prepdeck you must neutralise the surface immediately with Net-trol. This prevents a reaction with the new coating to be applied.