WRX Spray Paint

WRX Spray General Information

Acrylic paints with excellent adhesion: to metals and to plastic, wood and ceramic materials to favour the adhesion of other top coat paints which have difficulty adhering to certain surfaces, such as polycarbonate, polypropylene and similar materials.

WRX is ecological as it does not contain lead and Chlorinated fluorohydrocarbon, it does not harm ozone layer. It has a high coating and covering power. It forms an elastic protective decorative film coat with a remarkable strength against mechanical abrasions and chocks. WRX dries quickly, and it is colorfast with permanent glossy character. WRX has a very high adherence on the surface (necessary to pre-treat some surface by special primers wherever requested) and it does not crack by time.

WRX Spray Application

WRX Spray Paint Drying Time (20℃)

WRX Spray Coverage

WRX Spray Nozzle

WRX Spray Ozone Friendly

Safety Cap

Net Content



Density at 20°C

Pressure at 20°C

Pressure at 50°C 

Viscosity Ford Cup 4

Remaining Dry Cylinder

Thickness 1 Hands

Thickness 3 Hands

Temperature Resistance


Grit to grindometro

Flash Point

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