This is a vintage 1967 Fender Bandmaster amplifier with the AB763 circuit.

If you are looking for a Vintage collectible Fender Bandmaster that is still completely in tact with all original parts - this is not it. This is an amp that has been modified slightly, to meet the needs of a working guitarist but still has the sweetest Fender tone, and can roar with the best of them.  

I bought it used 10 years ago and have played through it mostly at home, but have gigged with it and done some recording. It is rock solid dependable and in great shape! It is perfect for the classic blackface fender tone, and is a sensational amp as a pedal platform. In 2018 when I was living in L.A. I had a friend of mine (Southern California Amp builder Roy Blankenship) do some mods to this amp and yet still keep the sweet vintage tone. Here are some of the cool things I had him do... See Photos

  • Add a Master Volume on the back of the amp 
  • Install a new grounded 10 ft Power cord
  • Fix the Vibrato effect and give it a slower wave (Roy provided a new Vibrato pedal w 16 ft cord and 1/4" jack - note: the small LED on the pedal does not work) 
  • Add a 4/8/16 ohm selector "dial" to allow more options for speaker cabinet choices
  • Beef up the Normal Channel to have more gain - Especially when the NORMAL Bright switch is off
  • Go through the entire amp and fix/solder/replace anything that needs attention (re-tensioning tube sockets, scratchy pots, cold solders, wiring etc...) and I watched him go through the whole amp. He did a very thorough and exceptional job! 
  • Install New Tubes and Bias the amp V1 JJECC83s, V2 Mullard 12ax7, V3 GT12ax7r, V4 Phillips 12at7wc, V5 V6 JJ6L6GC and these tubes are still going strong today.  You may want to replace them... 
Additionally - prior to Roy Blankenship's work - I had a different amp tech install a Mercury Magnetics Output Transformer to give this amp higher headroom, bolder tone, and reduce the compression that Bandmasters often exhibit when the volume is up past five. It gives it a bigger sound akin to a Blackface Bassman when cranked... but still has the Bandmaster sweetness at lower volumes. Besides putting on new fender skirted knobs on the front, I installed 3/4" rubber feet under the amp to ride high enough to clear speaker cabinet handles. This amp also comes with a nice Custom soft shell case i had made.

This amp is special. It's got so many voices if you want to find them... between the master volume, the Mercury Magnetics OT, the modded Vibrato effect, and jumping both channels with a patch cord... with the master volume to help shape the gain etc... the possibilities are endless. In the studio or playing live this amp has killer tone. Could be a great Nashville recording studio amp? Maybe a perfect amp for your blues tone? Or a Hard Rock amp? I used to run an EVH 5150 Overdrive pedal through this amp. It was the best rock sound I've ever had and this amp is just the right wattage. 40 watts normally... but with the Mercury Magnetics OT - it's probably closer to 50 watts. 

Okay once again....This item is in good working condition. This amp has been serviced and tested. This item is used and has signs of wear. There are numerous light scuffs and dings on the tolex (See Photos) but no rips or tears. There is some very minor rusting on metal parts - but overall is in better shape than most 60's Bandmasters!  SOME of the original parts will be included (Feet with related Screws, nuts and washers... and Piggyback assemblies - See photos) but NOT ALL original parts will be included. 

Here is what is NOT INCLUDED: 
  • The Original Output Transformer
  • The Original Power Cable
  • The Original Fender Knobs on the front
  • The Original Vibrato Pedal
  • The Original Tubes
  • Various washers, nuts, and hardware that may have been replaced over the years before I took ownership
  • Electronics in the Chassis that needed replacing (Roy Blankenship said the amp was virtually all original and only needed a few parts here and there.) 
  • The original Back panel (When I bought it - it did not have one)   
Basically this amp is sold "AS - IS" and if you have questions - I'd be happy to Answer them prior to purchasing. I'm more of a player than an amp tech, but I will do my best to answer your questions. 

I only ship to the Lower 48 United States. I pack with extra care and I will ship out within 3 days of purchase with signature required.
Thank you for checking out this unique Fender Amp.