This registration plate is for sale and can be assigned to UK vehicles.

The assignment fee (£80.00) is included in the listing price.

A free set of physical number plates will be included with all registrations purchased from a BUY IT NOW listing.

Best offer listings and auctions do not include a free set of plates.

There are no further fees or charges involved when transferring a registration to a vehicle.


Important Registration and vehicle age 

Can I use this registration on my vehicle?

Most registration plates in the UK have a date identifying digit or numbers. The applicable date shown within the item specifics section on this listing, is the age of this registration. You can?t make your vehicle look newer than it is by putting a registration plate onto it. Please check you can use this registration on your vehicle before purchase. Examples of how to date the registration plate are given below. Please message if you need your dates checked before purchase.

Example 1 Prefix AXXX XXX (first issued Aug 1983 to Jul 1984) This registration is from 1983 and is suitable for vehicles which are from 1983 or newer. You can?t put an AXXX XXX registration on to any vehicle which is older than 1983 because it would make the vehicle look newer than it is.

Example 2 Current Style XX10 XXX (first issued Mar 2010 to Aug 2010) This registration is from 2010 and is suitable for vehicles which are from 2010 or newer. You can?t put an XX10 XXX registration on to any vehicle which is older than 2010 because it would make the vehicle look newer than it is.

Dateless registrations are from before 1963 and they don?t have any date identifiers. Dateless registrations can be used on any vehicle of any age.


Can I keep the registration plate if I change my vehicle, or could I sell it on to someone else?

Yes. Once purchased and it?s assigned to your vehicle, it is yours forever if you want. You can swap it on to all your future vehicles (vehicle age depending). In the event you wish to sell your current vehicle before buying another vehicle, you can remove the registration and hold it on a retention certificate (10 years max) until you have the new vehicle to assign it to.

To sell it to someone else you simply remove it from your vehicle on to a retention certificate and then sell the retention certificate to the buyer.


What do you need from me to do the assignment for me and how long will it take?

Your vehicles V5C logbook has information on it which we will require in order that the assignment can be completed for you. If due to be sent, a free set of number plates will be sent out to you in the mail first and should arrive with you before assignment is completed. These will be sent by signed, next day courier service and will require a signature upon arrival.

Assuming you have the most recent copy of your vehicles V5C logbook to hand and you have received any physical plates which are due in the mail, assignment can then be completed.

Standard processing time for all purchases is 3 to 5 working days. Please understand that this is not a guarantee. It is an estimate based on our experience and knowledge within this industry since 2010.


What happens once the registration is assigned to my vehicle?

Once assignment to your vehicle has been completed, confirmation of this will be sent to you by email. You will have 72 hours to fix a set of plates on to your vehicle and inform your insurer about the change. That?s it all sorted. A new V5C logbook will be issued out to you and should arrive in the mail within 7 to 10 days following assignment. You should then dispose of your old V5c logbook.

The registration is now held on your vehicle and you are forever the legal owner of it.


Can you send me the registration certificate rather than assigning it to my vehicle for me?

Yes of course. The certificate can be sent to you in the mail instead of assigning it to your vehicle. If it is for someone other than yourself then we can also change the registration certificate to reflect their details before we post it on to you.

A great way to give a registration as a gift is to have a free set of plates sent out from us along with the registration certificate, which will have the recipient?s details on it. Remember, all fees are included so they won?t have to pay a penny themselves.