Unveil the Past with MondoSTONE:

Craft Your Own Stone Age Creations!

Introducing MondoSTONE, the revolutionary DIY kit that lets you create real stone just like the ancients could have. With this groundbreaking kit, you can produce a stunning stone tablet weighing over 20 grams

Perfect for beginners and students eager to explore eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cement-based materials and geopolymers

Step into the world of ancient craftsmanship and bring history to life with MondoSTONE. Whether you're looking to enhance your decor with exquisite stone tablets and monoliths or dive into an engaging school project, this all-in-one kit has everything you need. Our unique Neolithic geopolymer material, designed specifically for this starter kit, allows you to mold and cast stones and rocks in a variety of shapes and sizes with ease

The excitement doesn't stop there—MondoSTONE is also an excellent teaching aid. Access comprehensive online support at NatronTheory.com, where you'll find instructional videos and a wealth of scientific information to guide your journey. Perfect for all enquiring minds, MondoSTONE makes learning fun and hands-on

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with the past and create something truly timeless. Order your MondoSTONE DIY Kit today and start crafting your own piece of history!

Now includes black and red oxide for extra strength and colour. Just place desired colour into your Neopolymer mix.

Each kit now includes a copy of The Rock Book.

"Through the pages of 'The Rock Book,' you hold not only the keys to ancient knowledge but also the inspiration to forge new paths in material science. These formulations invite you to experiment, merging timeless wisdom with contemporary curiosity. By harnessing the raw power of Neolithic ingredients, you will unveil properties that challenge even modern concrete in strength and longevity. As you delve into the alchemy of stone-making, you become part of a lineage of innovators, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with nature's most fundamental elements. Discover the enduring legacy of ancient stonecraft and contribute to a future where the past and present blend seamlessly to create materials of unparalleled resilience".

Note: Due to international regulations the shipping of honey is restricted in certain countries and states. Therefore you will need to supply 1 teaspoon (5ml or 7.5grams) of raw pure honey as part B of this kit and a mixing stick (old cutlery or wooden disposable knife)