BMW 850csi from 1993 ( Prod date 15.02.1993 )

VIN : WBSEG91090CC00311

Sterling silber ( 244 )
Two tones leather Dark and silver ( 497 )

Delivered new in Belgium ( copy of original invoice available )

Same owner for more than 28 years !

This owner was a princess of Luxembourg, great-granddaughter and direct descendant of the famous Austro-Hungarian empire Archduke Fran├žois-Ferdinand von Habsbourg ....The man who was murdered in Sarajevo and plunged Europe into World War 1 in 1914.

This car is a part of BMW history, but a part of Europe history too.


All the services invoices from official Bmw dealers from 1994 to today. ( More than 50 )

The car went few months ago to the same dealer that sold the car in 1993 for a check up and a oil change.

The german e31 specialist Wokke P. also refurbish the clutch and flywheel because they are not available anymore by BMW.

*About the state of the car :*

It's the first paint, and the car got some spot repair over the years.

There is of course some stone impacts all over the front

And there is some rust bubble around the open roof seal.

The 4 alu wheels where repainted and are like new.


This car never get any restauration since 30 years. She simply drive in the same hands and went to every services she needed.

So if people want it in a high grade collection state, it will need some work but it's probably the best starting point you can find.

Everything is working, no engine light, open roof or the steerable rear wheels are ok.

The trunk toolbox is complete and like new ! 2 Key , original COC paper and original Dealer catalog from 1993

The car is in a warm storage since 3 years with no registration, the last official previous owner is the princess and her husband.

Contact for more informations

I can help you to bring the car to the port of Antwerp or something like that if needed for the export to USA.

Just make an offer :)