S.H.G Marine Brass Rudder Assembly

An excellent range of general-purpose Brass Rudder assemblies with Moulded Polymer Tiller and Stuffing Box
Suitable for installation in any type of model boat
Double arm Tiller. Shaft is 5mm Dia.  Mounting Hole is 8mm Dia.

Brass Rudder assemblies suitable for Radio Control model boats, can be assembled into Wooden and Glass Fibre Hulls, also used in Plastic model kit conversion.The assembly requires a suitable hole drilling in the hull bottom at the correct place, the support tube (Stuffing Box) should be fitted using adhesive or sealer on the joint, the unit is assembled into the hull using the nut and washer to tighten into place.

The S.H.G range of components are produced to the highest standards in the U.K.

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