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Organic Swiss Grape Kumato Heirloom 50 Seeds - Organic - Grown In Qld - Prolific.

Swiss Grape Cherry Kumato - Exp 2023  - Very heavy cropping plants


Germination 96% - Purity 99%

Organically Grown - Sow 5mm deep, 25 cm apart , Keep moist until sprouted

Germination time is 6 - 13 days

Germination Temp 18 - 22 Degrees C

Growing temp 5 - 30 Degrees C

Fast growing - Very heavy fruiting - Water regularly - Trim excess foliage - Requires staking or a trellis - Protect from frost


The Swiss Grape kumato is distinguishable from other cherry tomato varieties by its skin and oval shape, which varies in colour from a dark green-brown when they are young, to a dark red-mahogany once they fully mature. The darker hued skin of this variety is a result of their high fructose content.

These tomatoes have an oval shape, and an extremely juicy inner flesh. Swiss Grape kumatoes offer a rich tomato flavour, with a slightly sour taste if they are young, but an exceptionally sweet flavour when they are ripe. Their plants mature and complete their lifecycle over the course of a single year. Swiss Grape kumatoes are typically low maintenance and easy to grow.

Swiss Grape kumatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, and are high in beta-carotene. They are cholesterol free, and are rich in potassium and magnesium. Due to their antioxidant rich make-up, tomatoes are also recognised as a cancer-fighting food.


Swiss Grape kumatoes are a delicious substitute for classic cherry tomatoes, and they can be utilized at all stages of ripeness. When dark green to brown, their mild flavour and firm texture make them ideal for being used raw and sliced for salads, sandwiches, pastas and flatbreads. Once they develop a rich red hue, their texture is juicy and their flavour is much sweeter. At this later stage they are exceptional for cooking. They can be roasted, grilled, sautéed, or boiled down to make sauces. Store Swiss Grape kumatoes as you would any other variety, away from direct sunlight at room temperature until ripe, after which refrigeration can slow the process of decay.

The Swiss Grape kumato is a non-genetically modified hybrid variety.

The Swiss Grape kumato was bred to have a superior flavour and texture, and it is uniquely marketed for use at all stages of ripeness.