Laser printed replacement Instruction manual for your retro videogames. Printed in booklet style format same size as the original manual. These are hand-crafted booklets that I made, close to original NTSC design, but might have slight differences. These are are replicas after all.

Examine Photos for better illustration

Made with hi-tech laser printer.
The manual labor includes hand folding and using a paper cutter into a smaller booklet format. Staples are punched in the middle to ensure the booklet holds together.

Manuals are pre-printed with "SLretroBoxes" or "reproduction" on the back cover and cannot be removed.

Very snazzy for display purposes and showing off your collection.

Delivery time can vary, but know that Economy lettermail does not come with Tracking. Please contact me if faster delivery with tracking is important to you.

Delivery within Canada - 3-6 days Western Prairies, 7-10 days Eastern Provinces
Delivery from Canada to USA - 2-3 weeks lettermail, or contact me for faster delivery
Delivery from Canada to Europe and Australia - 2-4 weeks lettermail with no tracking information.